The Theresa Foundation Community Trust (TFCT ) is a Third-Party Special Needs Trust that is set up by any individual other than the Trust Beneficiary. The Beneficiary, pools his or her own funds for management and investment purposes. The primary purpose and objective of the TFCT is to assist families in providing for the future needs of a physically, emotionally or developmentally disabled family member while simultaneously protecting that person’s means-tested benefits such as SSI and Medicaid. The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc. (The Center) is the trustee that administers The Theresa Foundation Community Trust

Joinder Agreement
Fee Schedule —same as asset trust
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Disability Determination

As part of the Trust approval process, the Department of Social Services (DSS) will require proof of the Trust Beneficiary’s disability. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) has already awarded either Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to the Trust Beneficiary, then the SSA Award Letter should be sufficient to prove disability.

If the Trust Beneficiary does not have an Award Letter from the SSA for either SSDI or SSI benefits, it will be necessary to use forms DSS-486T and DSS-1151 and ask DSS for a disability determination.

PLEASE NOTE: DSS-486T and DSS-1151 are both available for download from the links below. However, these forms are provided for convenience only and it is the sole responsibility of the Beneficiary or the Beneficiary’s agent to make sure the forms are completed properly and submitted to DSS in those circumstances when it is necessary for DSS to determine disability.

DSS-486T – Medical Report for Determination of Disability

This form needs to be filled out by the Trust Beneficiary’s doctor or doctors. The first two pages must be completed in full together with whatever following pages are related to the Beneficiary’s medical condition.

DSS-1151 – Disability Interview

This form should be completed and signed by the Trust Beneficiary, family member, or other advocate and describes the Beneficiary’s education, work history and functional abilities.

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